In late 2016, Wells added Sorbabes to its product portfolio becoming licensee for this first of its kind gourmet sorbet brand. Sorbabes began as a passion project in 2012 when owners Deborah Gorman and Nicole Cardone were unable to find a satisfying sorbet on the market. Deborah, a chef, and Nicole, a finance professional, both entrepreneurs at heart, were convinced that there was an opportunity in the freezer aisle. By experimenting with key ingredients and testing various, tasty combinations, they created a rich, indulgent and delicious sorbet, like nothing else on the market.

Deborah Gorman and Nicole Cardone retain ownership of the Sorbabes brand. Wells Enterprises, Inc. is a strategic partner that allows Deborah and Nicole to continue to be the heart of the brand, but will allow Sorbabes to grow and scale to a national level and produce the highest quality product. All seven flavors have a fruit or nut base with gourmet toppings mixed in. Each flavor is vegan, gluten and dairy free, and made with non-GMO ingredients – yet is deliciously indulgent, rich and satisfying.

It’s sorbet reimagined. For more information on Sorbabes, visit .

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