Mike Wells shares message with Team Members

June 5, 2020

While the pandemic has dominated our attention for more than 11 weeks, another tragedy occurred right before our eyes. Like you, I am horrified by what I saw on the video of George Floyd’s final moments of life. It evoked strong sentiments in me: disbelief, shock, rage, and shame. How can we allow lives to be taken in this manner?
The indifference shown to another human being is incomprehensible and heartbreaking. That same indifference and lack of respect is a problem within our entire country and has been for far too long. I personally denounce all forms of hatred and racism and I believe everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. And that is the expectation I have for our Wells team. 

As an organization, we are strongly committed to conducting our business in a lawful, ethical manner, guided by our core values of honesty, integrity, respect, collaboration, curiosity, courage, passion, and adaptability. As a family-owned, private company, we have historically not taken public stances on broader societal issues outside of our walls, but there is no place for hatred in our company, our communities, and our country.

We are committed to putting people first, supporting more than 4,000 team members by ensuring our business is successful, giving us the ability to provide careers for our team members. It is that support that allows each of us in the communities where we live and work to offer our time, talent, and resources. It is also where 4,000 voices can make the biggest impact for change.
We are truly One Team. We embrace and celebrate our differences by supporting each other and working together. Use your voice, please share your thoughts with us. We have an open ear and we can always be better. Better as an employer, better as a community partner, better as leaders to move us all forward towards lasting change.

Mike Wells 
Wells President/CEO